INATEL Porto Santo Hotel HOTEL

Estrada Regional, 120, 9400-242 - Cabeço, Porto Santo, Portugal
phone: +351 291 980 300 - email:


Full of natural contrasts, able to satisfy sun-worshippers with its exceptional 9-kilometre beach, Porto Santo is one of those rare unpolluted spots with its medicinal waters and sands. In 1418 João Gonçalves Zarco and Tristão Vaz Teixeira sailed to this island, marking the beginning of one of the most glorious phases in Portuguese history - the Discoveries. Their arrival in Porto Santo was the first step towards the great voyages that followed, which spread the fame of the Portuguese around the world. INATEL Porto Santo is located in this oasis of nature.

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LOCAL TRAINING AGENCY Associação Portuguesa de Portadores de Trissomia 21
1950-094 Lisboa
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