Valueable workers at Hilton Ä°stanbul Bomonti Hotel and Conference Center (Istanbul)

January 2018

Izzetcan got a job at Hilton Bomonti Hotel and Conference Center via Down Syndrome Association’s Supported Employment Program. He works as waiter at The Executive Lounge of the hotel and prepares tables and napkins. It takes nearly 2 hours to go to the hotel from his house by using three different public transportation. He goes all the way by himself. His aim is to take a driving license. He is very happy for being independent from his family and recommends working to everyone.

First "Valueable" Internship. Destination: Portugal, Axis Porto Hotel.

May 2018

Internship abroad. The time has come. Valerio and Lorenzo, both Italians, are the first trainees (out of 12, from different countries) involved in this working experience, which last 21 days, starting on the 5th of February 2018. They have been prepared for it, together with their tutor Valentina, in order to be ready and motivated to get the most out from this "journey". In the next months other people with intellectual disabilities, coming from Spain, Portugal, Germany, Hungary and Turke...