The Valueable network is the European network of socially responsible companies of the hospitality sector. It has been created within the Erasmus + "On my work" project, financed by the European Commission in 2014-2017.

During those years, a group of disability associations, universities, hotels and one foundation for equal opportunities designed, developed and tested the three tools, which are now promoted by the network:

- an app for the trainees/workers with intellectual disabilities,

- videos for a proper relationship between people with intellectual disabilities and their colleagues,

- and e-learning for managers of the hospitality sector aimed at certifying the efforts of the company towards job inclusion.

The first labels were released in December 2016 to Portuguese and Italian hospitality companies and now the Valueable network counts more than 100 members, from Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Turkey.

The app On My Own is available on Google play and Apple store and videos can be downloaded from YouTube.

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App for Valueable workers

An application dedicated to the people with intellectual disabilities, on training/at work. It illustrates tasks and provides tools and resources useful in the workplace.

Videos for Valueable workmates

They are addressed to employers and employees and provide examples about correct relationships and behaviours between people with intellectual disability and their co-workers.

E-learning for Valueable managers

4 modules about how to include people with intellectual disabilities in the workplace: attitudes, methods and tools to make the best of it.


Valueable handing opportunities is an international certification given to those companies that belong to the European network of socially responsible hotels and restaurants, comply with the specific national legislation and offer opportunities of professional advancement to people with intellectual disabilities, by providing internships and/or job opportunities according to the rules of the Valueable Code of Conduct. 

 There are 3 different labels corresponding to different degrees of commitment:


The bronze version certifies specific conditions and actions aimed to include without any discrimination and the provision of internships to people with intellectual disabilities.


The silver version requires a further engagement: fixed term contract (minimum 3 months) or permanent job for at least one worker with intellectual disability.


The golden version is granted to those employers who hire at least one worker with an intellectual disability and act as ambassadors of the Valueable trademark.


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Here are some of the workers from the hotels and restaurants already “on board” within the network.

Valueable friendships

Job, Team

Valueable friendships

Job, Team

Valueable Workers


Valueable Messi

Job, Team, Dream

Valueable Worker


Valueable Team

Job, Team, Kitchen

Valueable Worker


Time Hours

Design, Photography

Valueable Friendship

Job, Team

Valueable Worker


Valueable Team

Team Work

Valueable Worker



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Special Commendation for Valueable

December 2019 in News

EURid sent to Valueable the logo following the Special Commendation received during the EU Web Awards "competition".

Proud to have this logo and to be recognised as a pan European project which contributes to make a "BETTER EUROPEAN SOCIETY". more

Valueable at the EU web AWARDS in Brussels

November -1 in News

On the 20th of November, the winners of EU web Awards will be announced. Valueable is one of the three finalists for the Laurels category.

The prize for the winner is: - a two month billboard advertising campaign in Brussels Airport. - a customised video produced by EURid for promotional purposes. - an icon for the website and social media accounts.

The winners for each category will be announced during the gala ceremony on ... more

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